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America's favorite porcelain on steel cookware, for 125 years.

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Granite•Ware® roasters brown better and cook more evenly than any other roaster. The dark exterior absorbs all of the oven's energy; the steel core evenly distributes the heat and the glass interior doesn't alter the taste.

Pots and Pans

Granite•Ware® pans and stock pots are constructed of low carbon steel with a glass coating. There are no PFOAs or added chemicals that can alter food's taste or healthfulness.

Better Browning Bakeware

Granite•Ware® Better Browning Bakeware features our most popular baking items, exclusively designed for baked goods requiring a crispy crust, and golden brown edges.


Canning is an economical way to preserve fresh grown foods at home without added preservatives or pesticides. Featuring all the essential tools needed for blanching and canning. Save money. Grow local. Eat Healthy.


Granite•Ware® specialty seafood pots are unique and multi-functional. Featuring tiered pots, steamer inserts, faucets and a variety of capacities; large and small; for any seafood meal.

Casual Cookery

In the wilderness, at the cabin, or even, a cookout, our Casual Cookery products are the superior outdoorware. Durable, easy to clean, and priced right.